New Online Inventory System Our new and Improved Online inventory System, will allow you full access to our Certified stock worldwide. Click and Order Today!
Mr. Itai Schwartz – Announced as Managing Director of A Schwartz and sons in NY Mr. Uri Schwartz Appointed his Son Itai to Manage the A Schwartz and Sons New York Branch.
A Schwartz and Sons New Web Site The website has been re-launched with a vibrant new look, new content, significant layout updates and features for your convenience.
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Wholesale Diamonds – Quality Assured

In every global endeavor, knowledge is essential. But we know that knowledge alone isn’t enough to ensure success. Knowledge must be combined with the right connections in the industry. A. Schwartz & Sons brings more than 60 years of experience to those in the world of diamonds who are looking for a successful business partnership. With exports in excess of $100 million annually, we can be a key part of your global network. Our longevity and reputation are built on outstanding customer service and attention to detail. State-of-the-art facilities and experienced sales staff are the main reasons diamond professionals think of us as a leader in wholesale diamonds in the USA, the Far East and Europe.

Staying Current in a Traditional Industry

No business can stand still – A. Schwartz & Sons continues to evolve, striving to lead the industry, always aware of the changes necessary for offering excellent service in wholesale diamonds. You can be sure of the quality and authenticity of our range of certified stones, including GIA wholesale diamonds that meet or exceed industry standards. Our partners have a connection with the most technically advanced facilities in the world. Skilled, experienced staff members use our fully computerized production to get the best yield from each rough stone. We are a pioneer in using laser technology for the production of wholesale diamonds. When you want quality and value in authentic wholesale diamonds – look no further! Connect with A. Schwartz & Sons, a world leader in the diamond industry.